We are F.F.R.E. (Family of Friends Relief Effort), a multi-talented and diverse group coming together as family.

We aim to bring compassion, determination, experience and key skills to help accomplish a common goal.


We work directly with local, regional and national suppliers to bring wholesome food and resource aid to those who are in need due to the unpredictable impact of disasters within homes, communities, and the lives of people directly affected.

F.F.R.E. is here to serve ALL those in need!


Make a donation using PayPal. All donations are submitted to United Peace Relief, the 501c3 Non-Profit that encompasses F.F.R.E.

Once your donation has been processed, it immediately goes into the working budget for F.F.R.E to help pay for the myriad of expenses that our response team is faced with including: food, gasoline, equipment, electricity, propane, food, and much more.

Thank You!