The Veterans Green Bus Runs on Cooking Oil?

We did not invent anything new, Rudolf Diesel created his first engines to run on peanut oil.  We are simply adapting todays technology to make use of a sustainable, none toxic  fuel that can be locally sourced. In the process of building The Veterans Green Bus we learned how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil for small … Continue reading The Veterans Green Bus Runs on Cooking Oil?

Veterans Village Detroit

The Veterans Green Village & Blight Buster Detroit Training Center Mission:Offering veterans community reintegration support for personal growth and professional development in a welcoming environment, with housing, food, transportation, community service opportunities, job training and small sustainable business incubation support. Goal:Partner with community, industry, government and NGOs to support veterans transitioning into civilian life while strengthening their … Continue reading Veterans Village Detroit

24/7/365 Solar Farming in Detroit

  Veterans Green Bus Crew has purchased a apartment building to create a Veterans Green Village in Detroit and will begin an urban farming project using solar panels, batteries and captured rain water in a shipping container this spring. Thanks to the MEDC/MISDA challenge grant and help from Resurge Detroit, Flagstar Bank, and C3 Ventures to … Continue reading 24/7/365 Solar Farming in Detroit