Clearwater Festival Early Bird period ends this Friday

Dear Clearwater Community:   The Clearwater Festival's Early Bird period ends this Friday, March 3rd, so be sure you purchase your tickets today by clicking HERE!  By attending the Festival, you're supporting Clearwater's important environmental advocacy initiatives including keeping the sloop Clearwater sailing. We're excited to announce that singer-songwriter and guitarist Richard Thompson will be joining us; as well … Continue reading Clearwater Festival Early Bird period ends this Friday

Mission Continues Mass Deployment from Detroit to Atlanta

Letter from our Mission Continues Detroit Service partners: Dear Gordon,  Last June, we held the first-ever Mission Continues Mass Deployment in Detroit. It was a week of community transformation and teamwork at its finest. Now we’re deploying to Atlanta and we want YOU to join us!Operation Westside Surge is coming this June 8th-15th, 2017 to … Continue reading Mission Continues Mass Deployment from Detroit to Atlanta

Veterans Green Village & Detroit Blight Busters Volunteer Events – 2017

2017 Volunteers:   Returning schools, faith based organizations, business and community volunteer organizations have scheduled dates from February - July. Have some new groups and returning volunteers signing up at a higher rates for spring and summer breaks than last year, which is a great sign that our network is growing. FEBRUARY 25 SATURDAY BGSU CHAPMAN 15 - … Continue reading Veterans Green Village & Detroit Blight Busters Volunteer Events – 2017

Internships on Projects

Internships are the means to apply all the ICS training in real world conditions while preparing for testing to pass the ICS 800 class. Types of Projects: Volunteer management, operational planing, logistics, communication, orientation, safety procedures, work schedules, basic tool instruction. Damage and safety assessments for indoor work on deconstruction debris removal plans, crews size,  safety … Continue reading Internships on Projects

Heavy Equipment Operations and Maintenance

The Heavy Equipment Operations and maintenance  course is given by Team Rubicon USA, and is the minimum requirement to operate heavy equipment on Veterans Green Village projects. We have had Team Rubicon heavy equipment training in Detroit during MOBEX Motor City training operations and intend to have more when we have enough instructors in Detroit. Hint, that could be … Continue reading Heavy Equipment Operations and Maintenance

Veteran Program Funding Opportunities

Equipment Yard Compound: 40k  - currently $12,500 raised. Shop to store tools, heavy equipment, trailers, and maintain vehicles. Veterans Green Farm: 10k of 60k matching grant. 40ft Shipping Container, hydroponic farming with LED lights running off solar charged batteries.  We are raising the remaining funds to build the foundation and decking paint the container with our graphics before delivery by April, … Continue reading Veteran Program Funding Opportunities

Biodiesel 101: Think Small

Springboard Biodiesel, makes automated biodiesel processing equipment which, because they are small and will fit nearly anywhere, will convert used cooking oils into biodiesel fuel for 95 cents per gallon.  95 cents per gallon is the cost of the other inputs and the electricity required to make a clean-burning fuel that emits 90% less CO2 and … Continue reading Biodiesel 101: Think Small

Demolition Recon for Blight Busters

Today I went into an abandoned building in order to gain measurements for an assessment for Motor City Blight Busters. To properly assess the cost of debris and damage removal, accurate floor plans are required. Using a laser measurer and a clipboard, I created field sketches with accurate annotations. This information will be used to … Continue reading Demolition Recon for Blight Busters