OSHA 30 Certifications Classes

The OSHA 30 Hour course is required for paid employees doing construction and demolition work, it is NOT a requirement for most volunteer organizations but because of our work is to train veterans to manage volunteers in a disaster,it is just the starting point for ours training. Once you have completed the OSHA 30 course or have proof of taking with … Continue reading OSHA 30 Certifications Classes

Veteran Program Funding Opportunities

Equipment Yard Compound: 40k  - currently $12,500 raised. Shop to store tools, heavy equipment, trailers, and maintain vehicles. Veterans Green Farm: 10k of 60k matching grant. 40ft Shipping Container, hydroponic farming with LED lights running off solar charged batteries.  We are raising the remaining funds to build the foundation and decking paint the container with our graphics before delivery by April, … Continue reading Veteran Program Funding Opportunities

Biodiesel 101: Think Small

Springboard Biodiesel, makes automated biodiesel processing equipment which, because they are small and will fit nearly anywhere, will convert used cooking oils into biodiesel fuel for 95 cents per gallon.  95 cents per gallon is the cost of the other inputs and the electricity required to make a clean-burning fuel that emits 90% less CO2 and … Continue reading Biodiesel 101: Think Small

Join The Green Veteran Advisory Board

The Veterans Green Village, Farm and Bus Projects are works in progress requiring a dedicated team to achieve our missions goals and operational plans. We are looking for veterans nonprofit organizations and corporate partners that want to help develop programs, support veterans discover the skills saving the environment and rebuilding their communities sustainably. These are our current funding and … Continue reading Join The Green Veteran Advisory Board

Steve Scalmanini, Ukiah, CA

Steve Scalmanini, Council Member, Ukiah, CA Committee Assignments Electric Grid Operational Improvements Homeless Shelter Investment Oversight Committee Landfill Closure Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) Sanctuary City Steve, has been our treasure and secretary and now advises the board of communications with local governments.