Equipment Yard Compound: 40k  – currently $12,500 raised.

img_2645Shop to store tools, heavy equipment, trailers, and maintain vehicles.

Veterans Green Farm: 10k of 60k matching grant.

16003146_402652203412736_4397436068415550565_n40ft Shipping Container, hydroponic farming with LED lights running off solar charged batteries.  We are raising the remaining funds to build the foundation and decking paint the container with our graphics before delivery by April, 1st, 2017.

Veterans Green Village: 775k – seeking grants and program development partners.

10418209_10152246842763671_2196428078912063715_nWe are currently designing the retrofit of our buildings and the installation of sustainable energy solutions to support housing and training up to 20 veterans at a time.

  • LEED Engineering costs 25k
  • Construction and material costs estimated at 750k

Veterans Green Bus Operations 5k per year – seeking sponsors, project partners


The bus needs insurance and maintenance budget of $5k per year to be a functioning assets for program training efforts, disaster support and recreations opportunities.

Biodiesel Plant 75k – Looking for grants and potential project partners



  • Springboard Biodiesel System 25k
  • Tanks, Collection & Safety Equipment 50K

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