Springboard Biodiesel, makes automated biodiesel processing equipment which, because they are small and will fit nearly anywhere, will convert used cooking oils into biodiesel fuel for 95 cents per gallon.  95 cents per gallon is the cost of the other inputs and the electricity required to make a clean-burning fuel that emits 90% less CO2 and 50% less particulate matter than the regular diesel it replaces.  How can this be possible?  When you reduce a giant biodiesel plant down to the size of an appliance, you eliminate the massive overhead costs that accompany a multi-million gallon production plant.  And when you make your fuel from a waste stream like used cooking oil, as opposed to a virgin seed crop, your total carbon impact is measurably reduced.

We recently diversified.  We are now also offering fuel for local sale


will run in any diesel engine without the need to convert your engine, and it blends beautifully with diesel at any ratio.  You often hear people referring to B20 or B99.  This means the amount of biodiesel in the blend (ie. B20 has 20% biodiesel and 80% diesel).   Most of the customers who own Springboard Biodiesel’s equipment use B100 whenever they can.

Biodiesel has superior lubricity to diesel and especially ULSD which means that it will burn in your diesel engine with less wear.

Biodiesel is also non-flammable (flash point is 266 degrees F), biodegradable, and according to the California Air Resources Board, is the least carbon emitting of all the liquid fuels (!)

More information on biodiesel can be found at our biodiesel library,

as well as on the fact sheets of the National Biodiesel Board’s website 

The BioPro™ line

differentiates itself from other processors for 5 reasons:

1. They are safe (can’t be over-valued)

2. They are easy to operate (automated).  And offer manual controls, as well, for anyone who wants to experiment with different recipes or processes.

3. They make ASTM-grade fuel consistently and reliably from any vegetable or animal oil that is 5% FFA or less, assuming that you follow the directions in the manual.

4. Because the BioPro™ appliances (50 to 100 gallon batch processors) complete a dual reacion, they will convert a wider range of dirtier oils than other processors

5. After eight years of manufacturing BioPro™ equipment, our customer service skills are strong; we’ve helped a broad swath of businesses, institutions and individuals to succesfully produce premium grade biodiesel with very little infrastuctural change and currently have BioPro™ biodiesel processors operating in 28 countries and in all 50 states.

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