We did not invent anything new, Rudolf Diesel created his first engines to run on peanut oil.  We are simply adapting todays technology to make use of a sustainable, none toxic  fuel that can be locally sourced.

In the process of building The Veterans Green Bus we learned how to make biodiesel from used cooking oil for small vehicles, generators, heavy equipment. This was very handy after hurricane Katrina when the only fuel sources within 100 miles were the restaurants in the French Quarter.

Biofuel technologies have come along way in the years since Hurricane Katrina. Small scale ASTM standard fuel processors are now on the market that provide fleet size fuel production with minimal investment in training time, equipment and shop space. It is our intention to purchase this equipment and begin making out own biodiesel.

Our mission is to train veterans and volunteer community members how to use the bus and other diesel powered equipment demonstrating sustainable energy solutions for disaster response and rebuilding.

Our goals are to make our own biofuels for the bus, trucks, heavy equipment and heating oil for our buildings. The extra fuel we produce will be sold as off road fuel to help fund our projects.

Our plans are to use ASTM standard equipment from Springboard Biodiesel, and 100th Grease Monkey to produce biofuels and glycerin. Sources for our used cooking oil will come from local restaurants and bulk fried food processors.

What will veterans, volunteer organizations and the community learn from building and operating and maintaining a small scale biofuels processing system?

Environmentally friendly career paths converting vehicles, building and operating and maintaining small scale biofuel plants and how they are deployed after disasters.

If you are interested in getting involved join our Green Veterans Advisory Board

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