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The Veterans Green Village & Blight Buster Detroit Training Center

Offering veterans community reintegration support for personal growth and professional development in a welcoming environment, with housing, food, transportation, community service opportunities, job training and small sustainable business incubation support.

Partner with community, industry, government and NGOs to support veterans transitioning into civilian life while strengthening their ability to serve in times of disaster while learning new jobs skills and career forwarding certifications associated with disaster response, building, farming and energy industries.

Veteran population and pre qualifications:

  • Age: 20 – 40 years
  • DD214
  • The Veteran has shown interest in becoming certified to volunteer for disaster responses and careers associated with sustainable building, farming, transportation and fuel production.

Phase one: 0 – 1 month

Pre Qualifications:

Phase two: 1 – 2 months

Phase three: 2 – 6 months

Focused Job Training in Sustainable Building Trades

  • Basic Construction Trades Building Tiny Homes, Micro Farms, Shop Spaces
  • Solar Power Installation, Battery Backup, Grid & Generator Connections
  • Hydroponic Farming, LED lighting, Water Catchment Systems
  • Biofuel, WVO, Glycerin Production, Vehicle Conversion, Commercial Services

Participating Organizations:

United Peace Relief, INC  Nonprofit founded after hurricane Katrina to provided sustainable disaster response planning with community focused management, logistical and operational support.

The Veterans Green Village provides community service and training projects using OSHA, FEMA, Department of Interior and Team Rubicon USA standards and certifications in basic blight removal, demolition, chain saw safety, heavy equipment training and operations and volunteer management.

Blight Busters, Detroit, INC is a 29 year old volunteer community organization marshaling thousands of volunteers from around the city, state and country annually.

Team Rubicon, USA Nonprofit founded after the Haiti earthquake, a FEMA, DOI certified volunteer disaster response management and training organization with a national membership of 40,000 primarily made up of veterans and first responders ages 20 – 55.

Blight Removal Community Redevelopment Partners and Volunteer Orgs:
  • City of Detroit
  • Blight Busters, Detroit
  • Max M Fisher Foundation
  • The Brightmoor Alliance
  • The Platform
  • Home Depot Foundation
  • Yelp Foundation
  • FlagStar Bank
  • Resurge Detroit
  • United Peace Relief
  • Team Rubicon USA
  • Mission Continues
  • Team Red White and Blue
  • 100th Grease Monkey
  • Sustainable Bio Diesel Alliance
  • Veterans Green Jobs

We are currently raising money to buy the compound next door for Blight Buster tools and equipment, The Veterans Green Bus and our 24/7/365 solar farm. There, we will operate our outdoor training and volunteer programs, service heavy equipment, store tools, filter used cooking oil into WVO fuel.

Our Village will not be complete until we have housing, commercial kitchen, class room space for indoor training and study for 20 Veterans. The cost of rebuilding of Veterans Village Green is significant, the cost without using sustainable energy solutions in the long run are significantly more.

  • Solar Roof = 12 KW = $75k
  • Steel Roof and Siding 7k sqft = $100k
  • Commercial Kitchen / Walk in Refrigeration / Equipment = $175k
  • Bathrooms = 11.5 $50k
  • Sub and Finished Flooring and Walls 13k soft = 70k
  • Plumbing and Electrical 50k
  • Blown in Foam Insulation 10k
  • Windows and Doors 50k
  • HVAC 25k
  • Paint, Furnishings, furniture and Fixtures = 100k

We don’t want to raise money just to keep the lights and heat on.

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