What started as a hobby to learn how to convert vehicles to run on used cooking oil has turned into an organization that teaches veterans and civilians on the use of sustainable energy solutions for disaster response and rebuilding efforts.

The Veterans Green Bus Project has evolved into a permanent base at The Veterans Green Village.  Here we have been using the blight of Detroit to train veterans, community members and service project volunteers how to organize and manage their efforts after disasters while learning small scale sustainable energy technologies to reduce the cost of housing, food and transportation.

We are looking for veterans organizations, sustainable technology firms and educational institutions that would like help build on our sustainability models.  They could volunteer their time, donate a little funding, but most of all, share your experience with us by joining our Green Advisory Board.

In 2014, we partnered with Blight Busters Detroit  to teach veterans, community members and volunteers how to safely address the blight in Detroit to expand our training opportunities and value to the local community.  By doing so, we increased the number of national service volunteer organizations and training partners, attracted new service contracts for demolition and blight removal that provide income and real world training opportunities for our veterans and service partners.

Together, we have been demolishing homes, cutting dead and dangerous trees, removing overgrowth, fences, stumps and prepared lots for reconstruction.

To reduce the costs of feeding our volunteers and fueling our efforts, we will produce our food using a 24/7/365 solar powered shipping container farm, and begin converting used cooking oil into biofuels for the bus, heating oil and emergency power generators for the village and ultimately, producing biodiesel for our vehicles and heavy equipment.

The Veterans Green Bus has traveled around the country responding to national disasters by providing transportation for veterans demonstrating how it runs on used cooking oil, recharges it’s batteries with solar panels and can travel up to 4000 miles without refueling.

If you are interested in getting involved join our Green Veterans Advisory Board

Websites and Media:
Blight Busters Detroit, INC. facilitates volunteers and organizations addressing the blight removal and community service needs of the Northwest Detroit.

Facebook Documenting the trips we take and our projects.

Program Partners:

Veterans Green Jobs
Farmer Veteran Coalition
Team Rubicon USA
Friends of Rockaway
All Hands Volunteers
Mission Continues
New York Cares
Blight Busters Detroit
Resurge Detroit
Flagstar Bank
Yelp Foundation
Home Depot Foundation
Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance
Pacific Biodiesel
100th Grease Monkey
c3 Ventures

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