United Peace Relief is the project of a team of volunteers who were called to respond to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in September 2005. We joined with the efforts of Veterans For Peace in Covington, Louisiana and had a life changing experience. We rapidly became engaged in coordination of the medical team, distribution of supplies and working with the non-profit organization, AIDSail, to make a needs assessment and a one year plan.

Back at home and in the field we have continued to organize relief efforts for Louisiana and Mississippi, working to create alliances with other relief agencies and volunteers who embrace nonviolence. We have been recruiting medical and non-medical volunteers, making a long-term plan, working to raise funds, seek donations, connect evacuees to housing and inform the community.

Understanding that the mission of Veterans For Peace is to end the war and not disaster relief, we decided to start United Peace Relief to continue relief work in the spirit of Veterans For Peace.

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