There are several ways you can donate to our efforts.

Volunteering your time with United Peace Relief can happen in many forms. It can happen in an instant. You can spend a little at your computer sharing our blogs and mission statement with friends in the classroom, work place or community organization.

When we are called to respond we need certified teams of volunteers that can do many things from cooking hot meals from a mobile commercial kitchen to running heavy equipment and chain saws after a fire, tornado, hurricane or flood.

We also need high school and college students too, organizing a holiday toy and musical instrument drives for kids who lost everything after a storm to skilled craftsman that want to help a community facility or family rebuild after an environmental or man made disaster.

All of our work is done with the national certifications and training required and local authorizations and community partners helping us to respond.

Current Program Funding opportunities:

When you make a donation, please make sure to identify what program you want to fund!

Thank you,


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